Timing MD - Contractor License                                                   4/7/2017 - 7:50 AM
                     2017 Washington University Invite - 3/31/2017 to 4/1/2017                      
                                       Washington University                                        
                                           Francis Field                                            
Event 5  Women Shot Put
 3 attempts, 9 to finals - 3 attempts                                                               
Francis Stad: # 17.49m  1992        Christy Barrett, Terre Haute TC                                 
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals            Points Alternate
  1 Beuthin, Rachel           FR Wis.-Platteville      14.11m     12.98m   42-07.00                 
      12.74m  12.50m  FOUL  12.67m  12.98m  12.08m                                                  
  2 Goodman, Karly            JR Illinois Wesleyan     13.24m     12.52m   41-01.00                 
      FOUL  11.45m  12.33m  11.51m  12.52m  FOUL                                                    
  3 Mendez, Lilly             JR Monmouth (Ill.)       12.45m     11.82m   38-09.50                 
      11.64m  11.44m  11.82m  11.58m  11.21m  11.61m                                                
  4 Neisius, Aspen            FR Wis.-Platteville      11.82m     11.66m   38-03.25                 
      11.09m  11.09m  11.66m  10.82m  11.06m  10.50m                                                
  5 Roman, Angela             FR Illinois Wesleyan     11.91m     11.42m   37-05.75                 
      10.45m  FOUL  11.42m  10.88m  FOUL  FOUL                                                      
  6 Wiener, Betsy             SR Washington U.         10.86m     10.59m   34-09.00                 
      9.47m  FOUL  10.59m  FOUL  8.10m  8.88m                                                       
  7 Harley, Kayla             SR Washington U.         10.44m     10.39m   34-01.25                 
      10.08m  9.45m  9.65m  9.67m  10.39m  9.65m                                                    
  8 Hall, Brianna             FR Wis.-Platteville                 10.27m   33-08.50                 
      FOUL  10.12m  FOUL  FOUL  10.27m  10.05m                                                      
  9 Burt, Jessica             SO Wis.-Platteville      10.25m      9.79m   32-01.50                 
      FOUL  9.42m  FOUL  FOUL  9.07m  9.79m                                                         
 10 Clay, Cierra              JR Wis.-Platteville       9.92m      8.50m   27-10.75                 
      8.28m  8.46m  8.50m